To better prepare for the Asian Business Association of Ohio's (ABAO) summer wine social, and to strengthen the bonds among board members while maximizing individual and collective potentials, President Lei Jiang, a lawyer, has generously offered to host a dinner in Sichuan Hop Pot in Cleveland. President Lei Jiang and Honorary President Mr. Tang oversaw the event, with Li Feng handling the logistics. Judy Chu and Wu Li provided strategic advices, while newcomer He Yun recorded the occasion through photography. Vice Presidents Rebecca Zhang and Jing Zhang served as crucial pillars of support. Although ABAO is currently small, everyone recognized the abundance of talent and the enthusiasm displayed in their work. During the meeting, participants freely expressed their opinions and engaged in lively discussions.
The main topics discussed during the meeting were as follows:
- Further clarification of ABAO's mission statement.
- Identification of target audiences.
- Projects and specific details that serve the members.
- Suggestions for constructive activities to undertake.
- Recommendations for website maintenance personnel.
Currently, ABAO is actively seeking talented individuals in Great Cleveland areas. If any capable and ambitious individuals would like to join and contribute, please contact us via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Reported by Li Feng.

会长蒋磊和名誉会长汤总坐镇指挥,李凤行动操作,Judy Chu 和伍丽出谋划策,新人何云摄影记录,两位副会长Rebecca Zhang 和Jing Zhang 更是基石栋梁。大家都觉得商会目前虽然不大,但是人才济济,大家工作都很有热情。会上大家各抒己见,畅所欲言,讨论十分热烈。


目前本商会求贤若渴,广招克城英才。有贤士能人想一展鸿图,请邮件联系This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.