Founder and director of the global steel investment financing company GPP (Global Principal Partners). Some recent projects include financing and investing in the big river steel plant BRS in Arkansas. In 2019, she was invited by Forbes for an interview.

Founder of Zen Rou

She has practiced gymnastics since the age of 6 and once participated in the training of the American women's gymnastics team. Two of her students later won Olympic gold medals.

She then went on to work as an investment banker on Wall Street. In the 1990s, she introduced a number of Fortune 500 companies to China.

Since 2003, she has travelled the world, learning cognition psychology, spiritual psychology, Osho dynamic and static meditation, Haininger's family row, Taoist health, Tantric Zen healing, etc., and finally combined the Western body training system and Chinese Taoist health. The integration of these different disciplines, plus the integration of Yoga, Tai Chi, dance, gymnastics, swimming, Pilates and Gyrotonic, creates a Zen-soft system that builds a ghost figure and heals injuries.

Her company in China is engaged in physical and mental health careers and teaches meditation and meditation courses in Beijing, Dali, Chiang Mai, Thailand, and the United States. They have a professional team dedicated to: helping more successful people to create and hold more wealth, solving personal and family relationship health problems, guiding the development of our potential leadership, and contributing to society!


WeChat: Rebeccachina9696

Address: Life Center, 6th Floor, Park Hyatt Hotel, Yintai Center, Jianguomenwai Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing

1)全球钢铁投资融资GPP 公司创始人及董事,成功项目包括融資投資大河绿色钢厂BRS (big river steel ) 2019年被福布斯邀請采访。



6岁不到习练体操,曾经参加培训美国女子体操队,有两个学生获奥运会金牌,后在华尔街做投资銀行,90年代引进多家世界500强到中国。自2003以来先后在全球拜师,学习知见心理学,灵性心理学,奥修动态和静态静心,海宁格家排,道家养生,Tantric 禅宗疗愈等等,最后把西方身体训练体系和中国道家养生学结合一体,加上把瑜伽,太极,舞蹈,体操,游泳, Pilates and Gyrotonic 整合一体,创立了打造摩鬼身材,疗伤的禅柔系统。在中国的公司从事身心灵事业并在北京,大理,泰国清迈,美国讲禅柔,静心课程。总之,我们有专业的部伍致力于:帮助更多的成功人事创造和持有更多财富,观注解决个人、家庭关系健康问题,引导开发我们潜在领导力,为社会做奉献!